Your Life as a Parent: Tips for Sharing Parental Duties

Talking about parenting with your partner can be challenging. The key is to remember that there is no “perfect” family, nor one way to parent, and that roles and responsibilities may need to change along the way. Figuring out how to share parenting duties and household chores is going to be an ongoing discussion. But it’s best to be open and honest to avoid frustration and resentment building up. Consider these ideas:

Split the chores. Create a list of the common daily, weekly, and monthly household chores and find a way to split these chores fairly. Perhaps one parent can contribute more mid-week, while the other takes over on weekends.

Take turns with baby care. One or both of you may be working, but you’re both likely to want to be involved and invested in raising your child. Can you share who gets up at night to soothe your little one if she cries? Can one of you handle the morning feeds, the other the evenings? Can you split who takes days off if your baby is sick, and share who does the childcare runs?

Seek help to resolve conflicts. Conflicts are a natural part of a relationship and every family dynamic, but your little one is sensitive to the emotions of the people who care for her. If you need help resolving conflicts, ask your healthcare provider whether there are relationship counselors or other professionals you could consult.

Spend time together as a family. Set aside some time regularly when you can all be together as a family in a more relaxed way. It could be playing on the floor together, sharing family mealtimes, or going for walks on the weekend.

Remain flexible. Things change and your family’s needs evolve. Sit down with your partner regularly to discuss what’s working and what isn’t.