Your Life as a Parent : Creating Lasting Memories

You likely have an array of pictures of your little one on your phone, but have you considered turning those snapshots into a more lasting memory? Consider making a scrapbook, photo book, memory box, or other keepsake to help you document and remember your baby's first year. Maybe you've kept your baby's hospital ID bracelet from when she was born, or you've been hanging onto a lock of hair from that very first haircut. Unique keepsakes like this are ideal to include don't forget to add pictures of yourself and other family members from their time together with your baby. Here are some other ideas to help you mark this special birthday. First Birthday Fun

Gearing up for your little one's first birthday bash? It's an exciting milestone, and you'll certainly want to celebrate with your loved ones. One way to start the planning is by choosing a theme. You can go with a seasonal theme, so a garden party for your spring baby, or a festival fall theme for your fall baby. Or you can take a cue from your baby's interests, and plan your theme around animals, cars, or anything else that catches your baby's attention. Once you have a theme in mind, it will make choosing invitations and decorations a bit easier. Then, consider your guest list: Will you keep it intimate and invite just close relatives and friends? Or will you plan a bigger party with neighbors, coworkers, and all their families, too? It's up to you what you choose, but the most important thing is to take lots of pictures, enjoy the day, and celebrate how far you've come as a parent and as a family!