Your Life as a Parent: Setting a Good Example

Around this month, your toddler may be starting to imitate you and your partner more and more. She may see you talking on the phone, and she’ll do the same with her toy phone, or she’ll try to drive her toy car after seeing you at the wheel. Since her inclination to imitate is so strong during this time, it’s a good idea to be on your best behavior, too, so you can set a good example.

Here are some ways to set a good example for your toddler:

When you and your partner share something, point it out to your child, for example by saying “Daddy is sharing his piece of cake with Mommy. That’s nice of him, isn’t it?”

  If you’re feeling frustrated, explain to your child that you’re frustrated and then show her how you calm down

  Try to express your feelings, even if they do stem from frustration. These moments can teach your toddler that it’s OK to express her own feelings to you

Praise your child when she behaves well; for example, by saying “Good job for putting all your toys in the toy box.”