Pregnancy is a life-changing experience. This momentous stage brings tons of physical and emotional changes along with it. Mood swings are one of them. Mood swings are very common during pregnancy. Understanding these changes in moods and managing them will help you have a positive experience.

Mood swings are generally experienced during the first trimester and again in the third trimester as your body prepares for birth during the pregnancy cycle. Mood swings are the result of physical stress, fatigue change in metabolism and changes in hormones, estrogen and progesterone.


Causes of Mood swings during pregnancy:

Surge in hormone levels

Changes in hormones, estrogen and progesterone affect the neurotransmitters responsible for regulating mood. You may become anxious, grumpy, excited and happy all of a sudden.


Another major reason for mood swings is stress that causes fluctuations in the hormones which can affect your mood.

Emotional and physical changes

Emotional and physical changes are huge factors responsible for mood swings. Too much emotional stress and physical activity can impact your mood.

How to cope up with pregnancy mood swings?

Understanding that you are not alone is very important. Controlling mood swings is not as difficult as it may seem; they are just another aspect of the pregnancy cycle. Following are a few tips that will help you manage mood swings well:

Get adequate sleep

During pregnancy, the body needs proper rest. Make sure you are sleeping well and getting adequate rest during these nine months.

Talk it out

Being vocal about feelings and having proper discussions with your loved ones can always make you feel better. Your partner can be the perfect person to talk to. This would also bring you too closer to making this phase more memorable.

Take a stroll

Walking increases blood circulation in your brain and body which result boosts your mood. It helps you to keep calm and gather your thoughts. You can take a walk anywhere alone or can ask your loved ones to join.


Mood swings are normal during pregnancy and there are so many ways to manage them. You will have to find one that suits you best. Meanwhile, Halamama wishes you a happy and memorable pregnancy journey!