Your Life as a Parent : Being Ever Vigilant

Your 13-month-old is increasingly independent and curious about the world but will not yet be able to understand your instructions about what is right and wrong. This means a big part of your role is being vigilant to ensure that your little one stays safe.

For example, if your 13-month-old picks up a breakable object, he won’t yet be able to follow your instructions to put it down gently. Instead, you’ll have to take the object from him, place it out of reach, and quickly substitute a safe object for him to play with instead.

Aside from being vigilant, being able to think on your feet and redirect your toddler’s attention to safe objects will be a skill you will master during the coming years.

Childproofing your home so that your child can safely explore certain areas of your home will encourage his mobility and independence while also giving you peace of mind.

For example, putting safety guards on electrical outlets, adding corner guards to the coffee table, securing furniture, and blocking stairs and doorways with baby gates are all things you can do to make the living room a safe space for your 13-month-old to explore and practice walking in.

Being so watchful and anticipating your 13-month-old’s next move may be tiring for you as a parent. Remind yourself that ensuring your toddler is safe while also getting a chance to learn about the world is important for happy and healthy development.