Given a choice in the digital age, where everything is instantaneous, would you prefer to pamper your child with all materialistic benefits and irregular habits or prefer to follow the old school approach of discipline and development of habits. As a new age parent, our outlook is to let our child free to act, think and talk. Although this is a very important quality to develop independent thinking, it does not mean you leave them unsupervised at their free will.

A habit is a behaviour that has been repeated enough times to become automatic. Habits are not formed overnight, through several iterations of trial and error and repetition, they become a part of us. Our belief system defines our habits, a system oriented approach focuses on continuous improvement rather than a specific result

A system is a process-based approach that leads to results. Behind every system of action, there is a system of beliefs. If you believe your child should not be forced to do a task, subconsciously you encourage your child to leave homework incomplete, procrastinate learning for tests etc. A systems approach of good study habits will help you develop a learning schedule, say 1 hour in the evening for completing homework, 1 hour for revising lessons and bed time story book reading. Despite all the efforts and study habits, if they get only average grades, appreciate and reward them for being consistent in the process-based approach rather than looking at the results and discouraging them. Year on year this approach would result in a continuous small improvement and finally a breakthrough.

Benefits of building good habits:

  1. First and the foremost benefit is the child starts doing the daily routine on his or her own.
  2. Developing a positive mind-set as the child grows.
  3.  Opportunity to face more success in future.
  4. Possibility to speak only the truth as we live with people who are around us are selfish and self-centred and dishonesty. 
  5. Building good habits for your child boosts confidence and responsibility in all aspects.

Think about how you can contribute in developing a system-based approach for developing good habits in your child. Each child is unique, there is no standard template that fits all. As a mother, understand your child and identify habits you want them to change and develop.