Wee Baby - Silicone Spare Round Teat for Bottle 0-6m

Wee Baby Silicone Spare Round Teat for Bottle 0-6m

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Bottle teats need to be changed in accordance with your baby’s age. There’s a wide range of teats available, it’s important for mom’s to think what will best meet the needs of their baby to support happy and healthy development. Wee Baby’s Round Wid Neck Feeding Bottle Teats mimic the sensation of natural breastfeeding, with the design helping the baby to control the milk flow.

Round Teat

Soother’s plump round teat mimics a natural breast helping babies to adapt easily. Round and vertical soother body types are compatible with your baby’s face: No. 1: 0-6 months No. 2: 6-18 months No. 3: 18+ months
• Round teat mimic’s mom’s breast
• Replicates the sensation of natural breastfeeding
• Vents on the teat ensure air flow and anti-colic properties
• Compatible with Classic Plus Wide Neck PP Feeding Bottles & Classic Plus Wide Neck PP Bottle with Grip