What to pack in a diaper bag?

A fully-packed diaper bag is your superhero – it saves your day during an outing with the baby. You need to pack your baby gear right when you travel with the little one. A diaper bag lets you have all the essentials at one place and make life easy for you and the baby. But what goes into the diaper bag depends on the season type, length of your trip, baby’s age and any other special needs that the baby may have.

Here, Mom Junction gives you a complete list of things to pack in the diaper bag before you go out.


Changing pad (or a hand towel)
Diaper rash cream or ointment
Biodegradable bags
Burp clothes or washcloths
Pacifiers and extra bottle nipples
Bottles of expressed breast milk or formula feed
Sippy cups of water, milk or juice (in case of toddlers)
Snacks such as baby food or finger foods (for older babies and toddlers)
A change of clothes (in case of spit-ups and blow-outs)
A change of clothes (in case of spit-ups and blow-outs
Lightweight blanket


Pick a diaper bag with waterproof lining and multiple
compartments to keep the items organized.
Pack snacks and medicines in zipper bags to prevent leaks.
Pack similar items together to avoid confusion.
Have two diaper bags – a small one for shorter trips, and
large for extended outings.
Tote bags and backpacks may also work as diaper bags