Wee Baby - Evil Eye Non Spill Cup with Grip 125 ml

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Besides vitamins and minerals, in the development of babies, their water needs are met by breast milk. The transition to supplementary food gain speed because the mother's milk does not come out or the mother is working. With the transition to supplementary food, the need for water consumption will increase according to the food and foods consumed by the baby. The baby's water bowls you will use during this period will ensure that your baby is comfortable while drinking water. The Sippy cup which is one of the Wee Baby Anti-colic Non-Spill Handled PP Cups, will be the most ideal option in your preference. The special design silicone water spout of the cup will prevent the baby from dripping the water while drinking. The fluid will only flow when the baby soaks it. Due to the channels under the water spout, continuous flow is ensured, preventing the baby from swallowing air and colic formation. In addition to all these features, specially designed handles will help your baby to develop his/her holding and binding ability.
• With its specially designed water spout, it does not drip or drain while drinking.
• Suitable for 6+ months.
• The water spout is made of BPA-free medical silicone and is flexible.
• With the channels under the water spout, continuous air flow is provided and it becomes anti-colic.
• Handles are designed for babies to bind easily.
• Provides convenience for babies in the transition from bottle to cup.