Because stress can leave us vulnerable to related mental and physical issues. It’s necessary to practice well-being habits and techniques that help build healthy self-care routines and support resilience. Here are five ways to help you prevent a nervous breakdown.


Practice Mindfulness

Moms worry all the time; it’s our nature to overthink every scenario, especially during these uncertain times. We analyze past details and get overwhelmed by thinking about our future. Thus, overlooking the joyful moments that our present has to offer.

So, relax, close your eyes, take several deep breaths. And focus your attention on where you are and what you are doing now. This is one of the best tips to avoid a breakdown.


Be Grateful

If today, you woke up healthy with a roof over your head. And food on your table, be grateful that life has been kind to you. Spending a few minutes each day to find at least three things to be thankful about truly helps enhance well-being.


Have Purpose

A clear sense of your purpose, or mission, in life, contributes to both contentment with energy and longevity. Even when events or responsibilities drift you out of that purpose. Having that clear vision gives you the strength to get through challenging situations.



Remember to laugh with friends and family. A simple shift in mindset will help you navigate through difficult moments of the day and control your emotions. Then, as you recall your day’s event in bed, try to find the humor and grow from each experience. In fact, laughing is the best way to either avoid or end a nervous breakdown.


Be Happy

The first four habits listed here contribute to your overall well-being. They also emphasize that you should not expect that happiness “happens” to you. Times of joy, love, fulfillment, and generosity raise our happiness levels. Even in times of distress, seeking those things keeps your resilience strong.


Finally, avoiding a nervous breakdown requires work on our behalf. Here are some pleasurable activities that help you do so. They will also help you disconnect and regain your balance (other than spas and massages):

  • Exercise, lift weights, or do yoga.
  • Do something exciting. Like surfing, kayaking, skydiving, etc.
  • Go outside or have your coffee outside.
  • Plan a short trip.
  • Buy something or sell something online.
  • Cook your favorite dish or try a new recipe.
  • Watch a funny movie.
  • Call a friend.
  • Create your website or blog.
  • Do a puzzle with lots of pieces.
  • Sleep early.
  • Eat chocolate (it’s good for you).
  • Go for a drive.
  • Listen to a good podcast.
  • Blast on the radio.