Moon Soft Activity Ball - Alphabets

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MOON - SOFT BALL FOR BABIES Has your infant begun to crawl about the house? Our sensory ball is just what you need to let your toddler play and learn simultaneously! The soft texture andengaging Alphabet letters will stimulate the little learner's senses and encourage your child's interest in this bright baby toy ball.
A Playful Start to Early Learning:
Playing with the baby ball will help your munchkin develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, form and letter recognition, and promote spatial awareness by encouraging them to grab and squeeze.
This baby toy ball dissolves various vibrant colors to stimulate and develop the baby's vision, and the gentle sound will stimulate the auditory senses.
The durable softball for babies is made of a high-quality, tear- and fade-resistant cloth with reinforced stitching for added sturdiness.
Easy-to-clean infant toy ball is safe for child's skin with no foul odor, allowing them to play with it without discomfort.
Our sensory toy features a hanging loop that can be attached to the handlebar of a stroller or a bed railing, making it a convenient sleep aid for newborns.

• Interactive Toy: Sensory balls are extremely engaging toys for infants to play with! Introduce your kids to this ideal activity ball toy that will keep them occupied for a long time, while its vibrant hues and intricate designs will stimulate their young eyes and minds.
• Playful Learning: Our baby ball has bright colors, a mirror, an alphabet, and amusing designs to fascinate and entertain infants.
• This versatile sensory toy will enhance your child's motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and letter recognition as they learn through play.
• Sound Inside: Get ready for some adorable giggles! This creative learning & education toy emits a soft rattle when rolled or shaken, luring in the curious tots.
• The cheerful clinking inside the activity ball will make your child chuckle and foster early auditory development.
• Child-Friendly: Babies grab everything to chew on! This soft, lightweight soft toy is made for your baby's comfort, so he/she can throw, catch, and kick with ease.
• Our soft ball for babies is toxins free, and has no rough edges or parts to ensure your child's playtime is risk-free.
• Thoughtful Gift: Our baby toy ball is a beautiful gift for their first birthday, and you'll love hearing your baby's giggling as he grabs it.
• These cute kids' toys are sure to make expectant mums happy on the baby shower as they picture their little ones happily gnawing on the toy.