Your Life as a Parent : Family Ties

A new baby brings lots of changes for a family. From aunts and uncles to cousins and grandparents, everyone wants to feel included and connected with the newest family member. This is an ideal time to get your loved ones involved in caring for the baby. Set aside special tasks they can do to help you with the baby, either at mealtime, bathtime, or playtime. As a new parent, you'll find it helpful to have your parents, in-laws, or other relatives pitch in with things like cleaning, shopping, and childcare for your older kids. It will take some of the pressure off you and help everyone feel like part of the family.

One of the overwhelming parts of becoming a new parent is the torrent of advice you may get from well-meaning relatives or friends and even complete strangers! Learning to handle unwanted advice can be tricky. Keep in mind that in many cases, there is no one “right way” to raise a child. Pay attention to your child’s cues and try to make decisions based on your child’s unique personality, your beliefs, and your specific circumstances. Above all, if you have any questions or concerns, turn to your baby’s pediatrician for expert advice, or ask trusted loved ones for their insights.