Health Checklist

• Confirmation that you are pregnant

• Calculating how many weeks your pregnancy is and when your due date will be. You may be offered an ultrasound scan if the date is not clear

• Blood pressure, height, and weight

• Medical and family history

• A blood test, including checking your blood group and test for anemia, rubella immunity, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis, chlamydia, and HIV

• Urine test, to see if you have a bladder or urinary tract infection

• Screening for down syndrome

• Cervical screening to check for human papillomavirus (HPV) and/or any signs of cervical cancer

• If at risk of vitamin D deficiency, a test for this may be offered

As part of your check-up, you will usually also discuss with your doctor or midwife:

• Which medications you are taking

• Whether you smoke or drink alcohol.

• Whether you would like an influenza (flu) vaccination

 Which vitamin and mineral supplements you can take or should avoid

 Antenatal care options available to you

Know Yourself

Body Changes

Week 1&2

Your body is preparing for possible conception.

Week 3

You might not experience any changes in your body. However, some women report mild cramping and increased vaginal discharge.

One of the earliest signs Is a tingling feeling In your breasts.

Week 4

During the fourth week of pregnancy, some women get food cravings.

Early pregnancy symptoms include:

• Morning sickness
• Tender breasts
• Headaches

Week 5

50% of women experience increased morning sickness.


During the early weeks of pregnancy, what you eat will serve as the nutritional reserve for you and your baby. Therefore, it’s very important that you stockpile on all the right nutrients that are needed. Folic acid-rich foods are the right thing to eat at this stage since they help in early spinal development. Eating greens can also help relieve morning sickness as they are rich in magnesium.

• leafy greens

• broccoli

• eggs

• legumes


During the first trimester, it is safe for you to sleep in whatever position she feels comfortable in, whether this is on her back, side, or stomach. Any combination of the above positions is also fine.

The uterus has not grown large enough to interfere with sleep. However, hormonal changes, nighttime hunger, nausea, and other pregnancy symptoms may make sleep more difficult.

Eating a small meal before bed. Particularly during the first trimester, some of you wake up very hungry. Protein-rich food can reduce appetite, so eating foods such as nuts, fish, peanut butter, and meat before going to sleep may help you feel satiated.

Know Your Baby

Week 1 & Week 2

You are not officially pregnant yet!

You are considered pregnant from the first day of your last normal menstrual period.

Week 3

Ovulation and conception occur.

Your baby’s gender, eye color, hair color, and many other features have already been determined.

Brain, spinal cord, and heart begin to develop.

Week 4





Size Of

Poppy Seed

• Your baby’s gender, eye color, hair color, and many other 

Week 4

Fetal Heart Rate

80-103 bpm


0.12 in 

crown to rump  



Size of

Sesame Seed

 Baby’s heart beats at a steady rhythm.

The eyes, skeleton and ears structures are forming.

Stay Happy & Positive

Week 1 - 4

Whether you’ve been trying for months, or this is a surprise, remember to take a deep breath. This is going to change everything, but that’s the point.

Get rest. Take naps, go to bed early, sleep in on the weekends. Do what you need to do to make it through.

Start creating your budget and savings plan for pregnancy and the first year of baby’s life.

Research your work’s maternity leave policy and plan how to tell them you’re pregnant.

Your pants may be feeling tight toward the end of your first trimester. Start shopping for some maternity clothes. (Hint: leggings are a lifesaver.)

Week 5

Lay low and re-watch your favorite movie. You probably could use some rest right now. And don’t feel guilty about it—your body is hard at work.

Things To Buy

Sure, there’s a lot of other stuff out there. But this is really all you need to get through those nine long months. 

Larger Bras

Pregnancy Clothing

Strechmark oil & Creams

Pregnancy pillows

Grab them now!